Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello and Welcome!

Hello to my foodies out in food town.  I am Josh Berse, world renown master chef and host of your favorite shows on the Food Network.  Or not.  Really, I go restaurant hopping as a hobby and love to cook at home.

Restauranting is a great way to spend time, catch up with friends, and have a fresh cooked meal prepared for you... figure no matter what, you're going to have to take the time out of your day to have dinner, so why not make that time awesome!

And when you don't feel like going out or spending the cash, there's no reason to settle for the TV Dinner...  I am a self-proclaimed expert at 'bachelor-chefing', basically putting together quality meals from the random ingredients in my fridge.

When I travel, I do my research and find the best local cuisine in the area.  I find the places that serve the best local dishes and those iconic hot spots you just can't pass up.  I am definitely a sucker for crazy portions and places that have been around for generations.  So basically if the Travel Channel has done a show on it, I'll be there!

I also like taking pictures of cool looking food that I eat or make.  Chefs put a lot of time into making food that both tastes and looks good, only to see it devoured in minutes.  If food is a work of art, why not preserve its beauty?

To make things even better, I am an aspiring restauranteur.  I am currently working on opening a restaurant in Downtown Nashville.  I am in the fundraising stage right now...  if you know any investors looking to back a lucrative venture, give me a shout. 

So I'd like to share my interesting culinary experiences with you!  You can look forward to restaurant reviews from around the country (ok they'll be local to Nashville for a while...) and recipes for one that are easy to make at home.  I'll fill you in on how the restaurant is going, and give you more interesting factoids about my culinary life.

Bon Appetit!


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