Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bachelor Chefing: The Orientation

Ok so before I start posting recipes and restaurant reviews, I'd like to bring up something I talked about in the first post.  That is the concept of Bachelor Chef-ing.  Bachelor Chefing isn't just a style, it's a way of life.  For those of us too busy to keep track of our kitchens, eat out often, and typically cook for one, this blog is dedicated to you. 

Typically the recipes I write are meant for one or two servings but can easily be translated into bigger portions.  Some things you just can't make for one.  Like really, what is a meatloaf for one other than a giant meatball?  A good bachelor chef knows to have lots of tupperware handy for those quick leftovers.  Gotta have something quick to eat for those times you're running between work and meeting your friends at the bar.  Don't settle for fast food!

Bachelor Chefing started for me back in college when I found myself fending for myself for the first time.  Living off campus, I had opted out of any type of meal plan and sneaking in the dining halls was risky as an every day event.  I knew how to cook a few simple things: Ramen Noodles, burgers on the Foreman grill, and Hamburger Helper....  but these were never enough for a meal for me.  Learning slowly by adding ingredients to simple out-of-the-box meals, and "reverse engineering" the ingredients  of my favorite dishes at the restaurants, I was able to put together dinners that would be familiar, cheap to make, and can be made with items most likely to be floating around the pantry.

There is a lot that goes in to bachelor chef culture.  You're expected to play with your food!  It's all about trying new things and learning how to make things more awesome.  Try out combinations of ingredients and see what works and what doesn't.  You will notice that I always have a section in my recipes for things that I would change or reconsider for the next time I cook the dish.  Feel free to adjust cooking styles to fit your tastes.  Like I don't own a deep fryer, but I'd imagine that some of the fried dishes would cook quicker and come out even tastier.

Also, I am very nonspecific on my ingredient list.  Bachelor chefing is about experimentation, so play with spices and added ingredients to your taste.  I can't tell you what you will like, or what you like a lot of, but i'll tell you the spice combinations I use.  Only major items will list quantities, like the meat used in the dish.  Everything else will be estimations, like 'one handful' or 'cover surface'.  Use your best judgment and combine that with your imagination!

The most important thing is having fun and eating great food.  Take pride in your culinary artwork; make food bigger and better and show off to friends and family!  Nothing is better than tasting your amazing work.  I find cooking itself to be a relaxing 'zen' experience, and enjoying the food is the delicious icing on the cake!

Thank you to all my readers and enjoy...  Recipes shall be posted soon!



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