Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Special: Boneless Buffalo Wings

Sunday Sunday Sunday means Football Football Football, and to celebrate the weekly ritual, let us pay tribute to the greatest football food of all, the Buffalo Wing.

The signature dish of Nashville, TN is Hot Chicken:  a quarter portion of fried chicken encrusted in an excruciatingly hot dry rub.  But as tasty as this may be, you can't get anything close to the snacktacular Buffalo Wing from Upstate New York.  The signature sauce is what sets them apart.  And luckily I have the recipe.

The Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings

As it turned out, I didn't have any wings when I decided to make them, but definitely had chicken breast.  So why not go boneless?  Maybe not as fun as the messy wing, but easier to eat while focusing on the game.

This is what I used.  For each portion:

1/2lb Chicken Breast (One big cutlet)
* Franks Red Hot Sauce *
Butter (optional)
Cayenne or Red Pepper powder (optional)
Black Pepper (optional)

and a frying pan with oil

I highlighted Franks Red Hot for a reason...  it is critical that this is the hot sauce you use.  everything else is an imitation.  You should be able to find it in supermarkets around the country. This is the sauce used in the original Anchor Bar recipe, so consider this a non-negotiable condition.  ;)
Where it all began...

It's a simple recipe.  First you need to prepare the chicken.  If you want to make the chicken especially hot, first cover it in a layer of cayenne powder and some black pepper.  Pound it down (might wanna put it under plastic) so it is flattened and tenderized.  Then cut it into pieces...  1 inch squares should be fine.

Put a pan on the stove and add enough of your favorite cooking oil to cover the bottom, and set it to about 3/4 heat.  In a separate bowl, pour about a cup of flour for the breading.  Roll each chicken bit around until it is covered...  Don't rush this tho, make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the meat.   
When you are done, place the pieces in the frying pan.  Every few minutes turn them until each side is browned and crispy.  Kitchen tongs work, or you can use chopsticks!  The cooking time should be around 10 minutes.

When done, place the chicken on a paper towel on a plate and let it absorb the excess oil.  Get a tupperware or similar bowl with lid and put all the chicken in there.  Then, drench the chicken with Franks.  Use your best judgement...  i'd say about half a cup will do it, but that all depends on how saucy you want them.  If you want a less spicy version, cut the hot sauce with some butter.  Put the lid on the tupperware and shake it gently.... tossing the chicken around.  When you are done, the chicken should be coated all over with hot sauce.  Remember, if it's radioactive red-orange, it's cooked right!

And there you have it!

Perfect for a Football snack or when you have friends over.  You can even try different sauce combinations...  just don't call 'em buffalo wings!

I made french fries as the side dish.  They're absorbing the hot sauce!  You can also top it off with some bleu cheese or ranch dressing.

Best in the 615...

If they aint radioactive, they aint right!

So there you have it! Give them a try and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Man, that sounds good, and I love the fact that they're boneless. I must try these soon (even though i'm married w/kids; guys need guy food too)

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