Monday, October 11, 2010

The Bachelor Salad

Wow, I'm shocked I got this far into the blog without telling you about the most basic of bachelor cuisine you can make:  The Bachelor Salad.  Believe it or not, I do try to eat healthy, and that includes my veggies with each meal.  And the easiest way to get these veggies quickly is in a salad.

I buy lettuce for sandwiches and stuff, but there's no way I can finish a head by myself before it goes bad.   So a salad is naturally the best way to use it up.

Problem is, when you live the bachelor life, veggies don't keep very well.  Even a minimal purchase will go bad before you have the chance to consume it all:  A good tomato won't last for more than a week - less after you cut into it.  Cucumbers wither after a few days.  And unfortunately you can't freeze most veggies that go into a salad.  You basically need to eat everything at once or you'll be wasting food.

So how does one get their daily dose of greens and not worry about things going bad?  Improvise!  Yes, use what you have around.  So I've come up with a simple recipe for things that will ordinarily be in my fridge.

I combine:
A bowlful of lettuce
A handful of pickle chips
A handful of Goldfish crackers (or crumbled tortilla chips)
Grated Parmesan cheese
And my dressing of choice du jour.

Sometimes if I have apples or raisins, i'll throw those in too.  Apples actually keep well in the fridge, so stock up!

This recipe is just an idea on how to get in a daily salad if you're not the "run to the market every day" type.  It's good because pickles and lettuce have a lot of vitamins, the cheese has protein, and the salad will take up some room that a heavy entree would otherwise consume...  gotta watch those calories! Be creative and throw in what you normally have around...  thats your bachelor salad!

And guys, consider it manly if you eat it with your meat entree  ;)


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