Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kickin' Alfredo

Hey Kidz!  Been busy lately, so here's one that's quick and easy.  Chicken Alfredo!

This could be as simple as tossing a chicken breast onto the foreman grill, then onto a bowl of pasta with alfredo sauce.  But for the amateur gourmand, you gotta do something extravagant.  Still, this is an easy recipe.

Prepare a bowl with around 2 cups flour and spices - for your breading.  I added basil, oregano, and pepper. It will be easiest to put this in a tupperware-type container... a lid will help!

Put a pot of water on the stove and leave to boil...

Flatten and dice up a chicken breast (about 1/2 - 1 lb) into 1-inch chunks.  I also sprinkled some cayenne powder directly onto the chicken.  Now put the chunks into the bowl and shake vigorously.  After a minute, open the container and make sure all the chunks are nicely covered in the flour mix.

Ghost Chicken?
If the water is boiling, add half a box of pasta.  I used penne.  Fettuccine is the more traditional noodle.  But any will work. 
A cauldron of awesome...
Put some oil in a pan on half heat and carefully toss on the chicken pieces.  Every few minutes, turn the pieces (avoid splatter!) until each side looks crispy.

While doing this, keep an eye on the pasta.  A few minutes after you begin boiling, add some vegetables.  I used about a handful each of spinach and broccoli.  Gotta get the vitamins in somewhere!

Mmm... empty vitamins...
Wait until the chicken is fully cooked and the pasta is tender, then drain the pasta.  Add the chicken to the pasta, and top off with a cup of Alfredo Sauce.

I was in a hurry, so I used a store brand sauce.  If you want to make your own, its a mix of milk, flour, butter, and garlic.  I'll work on a recipe and let you know!

Mix everything together until all the chicken and pasta is covered in sauce.  And voila, you're done!  Start to finish this shouldn't even take 20 minutes...  The chicken breading and cooking took only a minute or two longer than the pasta to cook.

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Let me know if you want more quickie recipes, or more extravagant cuisine.  I'll continue with a mix of the two in the meantime!



Josh Berse said...

The highlight: Adding Cayenne to the chicken. Added a nice, yet not overpowering, kick to the meal. Don't have to use a lot, just a light coat!

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