Saturday, November 13, 2010

Eggs Vindaloo

So as a bachelor chef, I like to find fun and creative uses for leftovers.  Why eat the same old thing when you can awesome them up a bit?!?

I was out the other day at Bombay Palace in Nashville, and had some left over Vindaloo and rice.  Not enough for a whole meal, but enough to have fun.

The best way I can describe Vindaloo is like a spicy, thick, curried pot roast, but with Lamb or Chicken instead of Beef.  With potatoes, and served over rice.  It is supposed to be insanely hot, but most restaurants in the US tone it down.

So you know me and my lust for the perfect breakfast...  why not give eggs an exotic kick?!?

I started off by scrambling two eggs with peppers, onion, and broccoli.  Indian dishes are chock full of veggies, so should be my breakfast.

Then I topped it off with the spicy rice and gravy mixture.

The combination of the Vindaloo kick with the egg was amazing!  I typically put hot sauce on my eggs, so this was a nice change-up on the hot flavor.  And the rice served as a starchy side in place of my typical hash browns.  
In retrospect, I should have scrambled the sauce directly into the egg for a uniform distribution.  I had thought the sauce would be too thick, but cooked as a two-egg scramble it would have mixed fine.  Also considered doing it omelet style, but figured it would be messy with no cheese holding it together.  For next time...

So the lesson of the day is, play with your food!  Have fun with leftovers and try to reuse them in unique ways.  Don't settle for the 'same old thing' when for minimal effort you can have a different meal every day of the week!



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